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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Personal Information Protection PolicyWe strongly recognize that the personal information that Super JAPANese Coach Association. (hereafter, “the Company”) handles for offer services, is important information that has been provided to us, and that it is simultaneously a valuable asset to the Company as well. For that reason, we are doing everything we can to establish rules as well an internal system for the protection of personal information, and we are making efforts for appropriate handling as well as protection of personal information. In order for you to use the Company’s services without concern, we are implementing company-wide protection of personal information.

1. Personal Information That the Company Protects

The term "personal information" refers to information about a person which can identify the specific individual, including name, date of birth, and other symbols, etc. assigned to a person that can identify the specific individual (including information that can be compared with other information and thereby identify the specific individual).

Based on this Personal Information Protection Policy, the Company will securely protect information from registrants (hereafter, “registrants”), information from business partners as well as information from the Company’s employees that corresponds to the above definition of personal information. We manage the information we acquire from registrants in particular as personal information that necessitates particularly rigorous and careful handling.

2. Purpose for Using Personal Information
We handle personal information for the purposes of use specified below, and we acquire this upon obtaining your prior consent. The Company guarantees your voluntariness in regards to acquisition of personal information, but please understand that if the Company cannot acquire a portion of your personal information, we may not be able to perform our business in line with the purposes of use, and there is a possibility that this might even prove disadvantageous to you in that situation.

(1) Personal information from registrants that the Company acquires
We use this for services that the Company undertakes.

(2) Personal information from job seekers
We use this for the Company’s employment selection. After recruitment activities have concluded we promptly dispose of the personal information belonging to applicants that were not accepted.

(3) Personal information from retirees
We store this to the extent necessary in accordance with laws and regulations.

(4) Personal information from business partners
We use this for business communication as well as smooth implementation of business activities.
*Please note that original copies of personal information provided to us cannot be returned as they will be shredded.

3. Use, Provision, and Outsourcing of Personal Information
We will notify you at the time of acquisition of personal information, and will use the personal information acquired to the extent necessary for accomplishment of the purposes to which you have consented. We will never use it beyond the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose for which the personal information has been acquired (hereafter “utilization other than for intended purposes”). Moreover, we will take measures to prohibit the utilization other than for intended purposes.

The Company will not disclose or provide to any third party the personal information it has acquired without your consent with the exception of the following.

(1) In the case that it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of a person, and where it is difficult to obtain your prior consent.

(2) When a particular need arises in order to improve public health or to advance the healthy upbringing of children, and where it is difficult to obtain your prior consent.

(3) When it is necessary to cooperate with an agency of the state or local government organization or their agent in the execution of their duty according to law, and obtaining your consent would pose a risk of interfering with the execution of this duty.

(4) In the course of its work the Company may outsource a portion of its business, including the handling of personal information described above, to an external company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement concerning the protection of personal information with the Company, and which satisfies the safety management standards as stipulated by the Company within the scope of the purposes of use.

4. Implementation of Safety Precautions to Protect Personal Information
In addition to controlled access to the office and safety measures on the computer system, by introducing appropriate and reasonable security measures the Company strives to protect your personal information and has implemented appropriate management of the handling of personal information.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Etc.
The Company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law as well guidelines related to this law, ordinances related to the protection of personal Information, and industry guidelines in connection with the handling of personal information protection.

6. Requests to Disclose, Amend/Delete, Terminate the Use of Personal Information, or Provide to a Third Party
The Company allows requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, and discontinuation of use, regarding retained personal information it has retained. In regard to these requests, please contact us using the information below in “Inquiries Regarding Personal Information.” We will then provide information to you about the Company’s required procedures.

7. Consultations or Complaints Regarding the Handling of Personal Information
The Company has established the “Personal Information Inquiry Office” as a point of contact for consultations or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, and we will respond to inquiries in a prompt manner.

The Company will protect personal information based on the policy detailed above. If you have any questions about the Company’s personal information protection policy, please contact us using the information below.

Super JAPANese Coach Association


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