Japanese are a Clone-like Race

Japanese speak the same language and share the same culture. The key to understanding Japanese people is that it is important to realize that Japanese are a mono-cultural, agricultural-based race living on islands that enjoy a mild climate. In other words, they have been raised purely in the land of Japan, where very little mixing has taken place. As a result, a uniform race has been created.

Using the term “Clone-like race” may make it easier to understand the Japanese. This clone-like race, which expresses their particular characteristics in exaggeration, has the same shape, skin color, character, and share the same values. In addition, they have topics in common. Because Japanese belong to the same race, they can understand what other Japanese are thinking and they can enjoy a “feel at home” atmosphere with other Japanese.

To the Japanese, who have the same genes, foreigners are usually perceived to be people from a different world. Japanese do not generally distinguish foreigners individually, such as American or French, but distinguish them all as a totally different race, or ‘aliens.’ In Japan, foreigners are viewed as different people in many respects.

Foreigners may feel that they are being discriminated against, but this perception among Japanese is merely the result of an innocent distinction between races. To realize this Japanese aspect of awareness is the first step to understanding the Japanese.

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