Japan: Where Parents and Children Depend on Each Other

In western countries, couples usually attend parties together, but in Japan, men mostly go by themselves. Men also occupy most of the important positions in society. Japan is often called a “Men’s paradise,” but the position between men and women is completely reversed at home. At home, wives are the “boss” and whatever they decide becomes “law.” It is common for husbands to hand over their entire monthly salaries to their wives who in return will give their husbands “pocket money.”

This practice comes from the traditional view held in Japan that men work outside and women bring up the family. Since wives stay home for far longer periods, they become more intimate with their children. Wives and children who share their time build a stronger sense of solidarity than wives do with their husbands. In particular, wives tend to form very close friendly relationships with their daughters. As a result, children do become spoilt and subsequently it is often said that Japan is a “children’s paradise.”

In western countries, adult children usually become independent and live separately from their parents. But in Japan, many adult children live with their parents until they get married. People do not think this is at all strange.

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